Marvel: Meet the younger substitutes of the existing heroes

Relatively big things are expected from the fourth phase of Marvel’s interconnected film universe, and it is already clear that the form of the MCU will change to a great extent. For example, a much greater expansion of events beyond the planet Earth or the actual use of the multiverse is expected. Probably the most important topic, however, will be the great transmission of torches. Some of the older heroes in the Avengers: Endgame events have died, retired, or are generally about to retreat more into the background. Fortunately, Marvel has substitutes from the younger generations ready for them. So let’s summarize them.

Captain America

Purchase youtube comments Probably the most interesting situation currently occurred in the case of Captain America. After a little time travel and aging at the end of Endgame, Steve Rogers decided to hand over his iconic shield to Falcon ( Anthony Mackie ), but nothing will be so easy. In the upcoming miniseries The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we should officially see another Cap in the form of John Walker ( Wyatt Russell ) in comics, also called the US Agent. He should probably take over the official designation “Captain America” ​​and replace Steve, at least in the eyes of the authorities. It is then speculated that Falcon and Winter Soldier ( Sebastian Stan) may argue for de facto succession in some way.). Well, let’s be surprised.

Black Widow and Hawkeye

A slightly clearer situation currently prevails for a pair of spy Avengers – Black Widow and Hawkeye. The successor to Natasha Romanoff, whose fate was sealed by Endgame , will be introduced to her new solo album, and it has previously been confirmed that she will become her spy “sister” Yelena Belova, played by the rising star Florence Pugh . The entire hero’s miniseries should then revolve around passing the baton to Clint Barton, in which, as in Hawkeye’s comics, he should teach Kate Bishop in his craft. At least according to the latest information , the young Hailee Steinfeld should play here.


The succession to Ant-Man is also relatively certain. In this case, too, the films should not run far from the comic book model and include the hero’s daughter Cassie in this role, who took on several nicknames in the comics – among others Ant-Girl, Titan, Stature or Stinger. She then boasts the same abilities as her father. Almost certainly played by her then after the fourth Avengers continue Emma Fuhrmann . However, as in the case of Hawkeye, handing over the torch does not mean a complete end for Scott Lang. His future is still unclear.
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